Where are you based?

We are based in London, but travel anywhere around the world to shoot weddings.

Where can we see some complete weddings?

We have a variety of albums that we can show you. No worries, I have a stories section where you can see complete weddings, but its best to visit my blog. There you will find my latest work. I try to blog every week, and sometimes I get time to put up whole slideshows, so you can see weddings from start to finish.

Do you shoot the traditional group photos too?

Indeed I do, as many as you need or want.

I want you to shoot my wedding, what do I do now and how does all this work?

You must have tons of questions and that’s ok. I love answering questions. Give me a shout via email or phone and we can arrange a meet up in my office over a nice cup of tea and discuss all your questions you may have.

How do I book you?

If we are available on your wedding date, we will book you in for the earliest consultation we have available to discuss all the details with you and show you sample albums. If you are then happy to go ahead, a booking fee and a signed contract will secure your date(s).

Do you offer free consultations for us to discuss our day with you?

Yes. As each wedding day is totally unique, we invite you into our Studio in Bradford for a free, no obligation chat about your day with one of our photographers. We do NOT have a sales team who will give you the hard sell and pressure you into booking. Convenient evening appointments are available up to 9pm each evening to fit in with your work schedule. During this meeting we will run through your plans for the day, show you our demo albums, and answer any questions you may have.

Can we have a Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

Of course you can! We encourage all our clients to include a pre-wedding shoot in their package.

A pre-wedding shoot is a great way for us to get to know you better and for you to get to know us better. Pre Wed shoots are fun-filled and relaxed ways to get some fantastic pictures of you both.

Do you provide a written contract?

Yes. Unlike many wedding photographers we feel that a written contract is vital. It lays down in writing our exact obligations, agreed prices etc and gives you peace of mind knowing you have a written document. Please be very wary of any photographer who only sends you a booking confirmation by email and no written document.

Is your wedding service insured?

Yes. We have Full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance, which is also covered worldwide, as well as full equipment insurance.

Can we see a full wedding?

This is one of the most important things we recommend Bride and Grooms ask and our answer is not just “Yes” but “Yes, how many would you like to see?”.

Do we get to choose the images that go in our wedding album?

YES,! We firmly believe that it is your wedding album – it is your choice of what goes in it.

What albums do you supply?

We have a variety of different albums and sizes. Contact us and arrange a consultation where we shall show you more of our work and albums that we offer.

What are your Wedding Packages?

We do have price package in particular. Our rates are entirely bespoke to each individuals event so our prices are worked out to cater your specific needs.

Why don’t you do just one wedding package?

Each wedding is unique and different and by breaking our packages down into segments, we allow you to choose what you do, and more importantly, don’t want.

Why should we choose you over any other professional photographer?

Well this is a very personal choice, and very much up to you to decide this. We find most couples choose us because they like us and get on well with us when we meet to discuss their wedding. We are very organised, well presented and professional in our approach and firmly believe that structured and thorough planning is the key along with photographic talent to ensuring we get the images you desire from your special day. We are also very good at listening to our customers to understand what you want and not what we want to achieve from your wedding.