Kiran’s Churra and Jago

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Kiran’s Churra and Jago night in Slough. Here are some images from this wonderful evening!


9 thoughts on “Kiran’s Churra and Jago”

  1. Guv,
    these shots are simply beautiful- you’ve captured those special moments in a non-conventional way, making them just something else!
    i adore the first shot especially…… keep uploading, this is great work, you’ve managed to keep that ‘wow’ factor in every shot.. love it!

  2. Hey Guv! Loving the colours bro – some really thoughtful shots there…the Jago shot is executed nigh on perfection!

  3. Guv, I absolutely love the pics from my churra – show me more!!! I cant wait to see the pics from the wedding day – if these are anything to go by im sure they will be fabulous. Can i book you for my anniversary my birthday and my childrens weddings??!!?? Im soooo glad you took them. I cant wait to see the rest….

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