Verj & Vik’s Wedding

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding ceremony of Verjeet & Vikram at a Gurdwara in East London. This was followed by the reception at the RiverBank Plaza in London. The couple looked absolutely stunning. Here are a few images from their very special day.


14 thoughts on “Verj & Vik’s Wedding”

  1. Guv! These images you have captured are simply awesome! Love the way you have paid attention to every detail! Inspiring work! All the best with your new blog!


  2. WOW! I am loving your style! Lots of saturated colours combined with amazing composition. Love the embankment shot – lots of story in there – perfect for the wedding album that lasts forever…

  3. Hey u! amazing work – love the way you captured the moments! great stuff guv

    All the best

    Suky xxx

  4. GUV!! what can I say….you’ve really thought about what a bride and groom would want their photographer!
    However, from a female perspective and saying that, it is the bride who will be looking through the images more often than the groom after the wedding…..these images are simply astounding!

    You have captured the glamour and joyous atmosphere of a celebration.

    Every bride should be proud to have you as her photographer!

    PS. Where were you when I got married….?

  5. Guv, you truly are a talented individual and it more than reflects in the images on your website.
    Its so nice to see that you have really though about the your clients requirements and incorporated them with your own creative flair to produce a life time of memories.
    I just hope you are free on my big day πŸ™‚ x

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